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Crystal Chakra Awakening

Everybody has psychic ability

In a world where people are becoming more open-minded to the idea of psychics, I am able to awaken the inner latent potential that you hold within. How much energy, and how much power one may initially hold depends on the person, but once their Chakras are awakened, a process that requires an initial awakening ritual, and then one ritual a day, for seven days, to open the seven Chakras, one can begin to train their health, inner peace, and psychic power, where the true potentials are limitless. This is part of the journey to discover who you truly are.

Crystal Chakra Awakening

The Chakras themselves

The Seventh Chakra

This is our Crown Chakra. This is our connection to the Divine and Higher Self. It is the closest Chakra to our spirituality. It’s the color of this Chakra is either purple, or white, and is located on the top of the head. When balanced, it causes a sense of pure joy, being connected to “The Source”, while also being aware of one’s individuality.

The Sixth Chakra

This is our Third Eye Chakra. This is our window to the paranormal and Spiritual World. It is connected to our psychic abilities. Its color is indigo, and is located in the middle of the forehead. When balanced, it can cause one to be intuitive, charismatic, to know one’s purpose, as well as easier meditation.

The Fifth Chakra

This is our Throat Chakra. It is our ability to speak and be heard; our ability to express ourselves verbally. Its color is blue, and it is located at the throat. When balanced, one can express themselves more easily, and can more easily speak the truth.

The Fourth Chakra

This is our Heart Chakra. This is the location of unconditional love. It is our ability to give and to receive love. Its color is green, and it is located at the area of the heart. When balanced, it can cause one to feel loved, cause one to be able to love, be empathetic, and have a contagiously good aura.

The Third Chakra

This is our Solar Plexus. This is where our spontaneity and energy come from. It is also the location of our will-power. Its color is yellow, and is located between the heart and the navel. When balanced, it can cause one to have respect for themself, or others, cause one to be confident, outgoing, calm, and have a heightened integrity, and ability to problem-solve.

The Second Chakra

This is our Sacral Chakra. This is where we find creativity, and psychic energies. Its color is orange, and is located just below the navel. When balanced, it can cause one to be friendly, passionate, sexually fulfilled, playful, naturally flirty, and to be in an overall good mood.

The First Chakra

This is our Root Chakra. This is our foundation, and what creates a feeling of balance and stability. Its color is red, and it is located at the base of the spine. When balanced, it can cause one to become grounded, centered, feel like they belong in this world, feel trusting, independent, alive, and poised.


Crystal Chakra Awakening

I am so blessed to have some of the rarest amethysts that exist, on this planet. Legend has that they are of Biblical significance. Crystals are the body of the earth. They promote healing, positive energy, and people have, as of late, been using crystals, such as quartz crystals, for iPhones, computers, and watches, to name a few, for years, now.

Crystals are alive. They have their own source of energy, frequency, vibration, and sound, that I use for healing, and awakening Chakras, as well as being able to read the crystals that you have been using, and this doesn’t even need to be in person. Human beings are attracted to crystals of all kinds. It's not very often that someone can be around crystals without touching them, for example, our phones. The screen on your iPhone is made of quartz, and we are using them constantly, every day. We are attracted to sources of energy, especially those coming from crystals. Crystal healing comes in many forms, from baths, drinking crystal water, meditating, and balancing your Chakra. Crystals are used for many things and I incorporate crystals in all of these healings.

Crystals come in many shapes forms in colors. Crystals are the gems of the earth, and God loves crystals, as it is referenced in the Bible. They all have a story, and are amazing pieces of live art. I stand behind all of the crystals that I sell, and use. I make sure that they are in their healthiest condition, so that may used for the highest and most elaborate experiences, and to Live. Live.