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Love Therapy

Love. Reading/Couple reading

What will cause the true effect feeling of happiness in your love life, to enjoy the zen of life? The feeling that someone understands you. Someone that is a great listener. Someone that you can learn from.

If you cannot enjoy yourself, laugh at yourself, dance by yourself, truly love yourself, then what makes you think that somebody else will? What makes you a suitable companion for someone else? Think about that. People will treat you exactly how you have been training them to be. That sounds horrible, it does, and it's true.

I shall ask you this. What standards do you have right now, in your love life? How about the last time you went against your standards? How did that work out for you? Seventy-three percent of people polled have said that they regret it. Going against what they knew was right just to satisfy their partner, or to just go along with what they’ve said. You knew the outcome before they did. People will treat you exactly how you allow them to.

Think about it, do you remember the time you got along so very well with your partner that you were able to finish each other’s sentences? Read their minds, if you like. Then you came to a time where you could not stand each other, not even the tone of their voice. Being out of sync with anyone will bring nothing good. The essence of this session is to be in sync with yourself, or, if having a couple’s session, to be in sync together.

Being in sync:

Will cause the true effect of feeling happiness in your love life. Enjoy the zen of life, and the feeling that somebody understands you.

Looking for answers to give you peace of mind, from the past, present, or future, the Divine Essence will change your life greatly. Look forward to it. Create the zen in your love life now, find the ZING!

Love Therapy

Become in sync for two minutes, looking into each other’s eyes for two min. No words are needed. I advise you to wish good things for them, in your mind. In two minutes your heart beats become in sync. The eyes are so very powerful, that your hearts become in sync just by looking into somebody’s eyes for two minutes. You will be synced on many levels. This, with the breathing technique I shared in the Meditation page, you both can have the full experience of being in sync.

Breathe on sync:
  • the same way same in
  • the same out
  • at the same time
  • on the same beat
  • in the same way.
  • Will make you feel when you’re more connected with your partner than you have in a long time.
  • If your issues are greater than
  • the argument on what do you want to eat

Remedy to be in sync:

To feel more connected with the one you desire, or to begin a healing process, look into each other's eyes, wishing nothing but good things to the other person.

Breathe on sync:
  • Begin with the right finger, and close the right nostril
  • Breathe all the way in through the left nostril
  • Switch sides
  • Repeat this roughly nine times
  • Then breathe in the same way
  • During the whole process, wish them positive things
  • Breathe in and out in the same way, in the same style style.
  • Lovers make love to your partner for an hour and a half.

Setting an intention and an outcome, means that you are never lost, or confused.

Know where your going