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I believe that humanity will have confirmed extraterrestrial contact, in 2018.

The word magic will become a popular and trendy word, and people will be more open-minded to it.

Nashville’s soccer team will be great for the city, and will have great notoriety.

Expect Instagram to become more popular than it currently is.

Veggie chips are going to become more popular, and we will see them, everywhere.

Staring into somebody’s eyes shall become alluring, again.

Business shall become progressively younger, even as young as twelve.

Meringue, by Kent Jones shall become the song for the Summer.

Humans speed of comprehension and processing shall evolve dramatically.

Einstein’s prediction of religion becoming cosmic shall come to pass, and the Sun shall have more significance than it has, in recent times.

The Nashville Parthenon shall become more popular than it has ever been, and not just because of Pokemon GO.;)

Excerpt from a recent radio program, in September.

My future predictions:

I am a Seer.

This is what I see for the future

A Book of God will come out.
The Book of God.

This prediction just came to pass, through a dream, then in a physical form. Amazing story, stay tuned to see how it unfolds. It will change lives.

Now on with the show:

The Arts:

Studying astronomy, music, painting, playing an instrument, reading music, drawing, and handwriting will be necessary in school.

Men will read books more than ever. Only 20% of men are reading in America today.

Men that read books will appear sexier.

Book clubs will be the new dating scene.

Old music becomes the new hip music.

Having a date where you cook will become a trend bigger than ever, to the point where people hire a personal chef for their date, at there house.

Calligraphy will become important again.

The mail will become popular again.

Old fashion letters to people.

Veggie chips.

Marijuana stocks will shoot through the roof.

Book of God: